About RMC Learning Solutions

RMC Learning Solutions (formerly RMC Project Management) develops and trains project managers, business analysts and agile practitioners by providing the hard skills, soft skills and business knowledge necessary for them to succeed in their careers. For more than 25 years, RMC has helped more than 750,000 individuals—as well as executives across the Fortune 500 and in government agencies—accomplish the following:

  • Develop practical knowledge immediately applicable to their careers.
  • Deliver organizational results using proven techniques and best practices.
  • Attract, develop and retain top talent to work on key initiatives.
  • Consistently bring projects in on time and under budget.
  • Increase the adoption of training thru coaching and mentoring.

Today, RMC delivers a wide range of project management, business analysis and agile training in multiple learning formats including Traditional Classroom Training, Live Online Training, Self-Directed e-Learning and Books and Software. The company also continues to reinforce its training via ongoing coaching, mentoring and organizational transformation services.

What Makes RMC Unique

In addition to the above, RMC Learning Solutions (formerly RMC Project Management) separates itself from what has become a very crowded training marketplace, by offering the following value-add advantages:

  • Proven Techniques – RMC provides individuals and teams with the opportunity to learn and use highly effective Project Management, Business Analysis and Agile practices that can be applied immediately on their current projects. We listen to students and clients, and integrate their ideas and perspectives to enrich each and every learning experience.
  • Outcome-Based Learning – All RMC instruction and content focuses on a continuous cycle of learning. We plan your learning, set goals, and teach—then measure progress toward goals and adjust accordingly. RMC incorporates real-time feedback into all of its programs wherever possible, and is always monitoring for additional learning opportunities.
  • Professional Instructors – RMC actively seeks, recruits and hires high-performing instructors who are champions of—and experts in—their respective disciplines. All RMC instructors have a deep conceptual understanding of their practice area, and use a variety of strategies designed to help students understand AND apply what they are learning in the real-world. Follow this link to Meet our Instructors.
  • An International Reach – Through our extensive International Distributor and Training Provider network, RMC is able to offer its training in 18 languages and more than 60 regions across the globe. This ensures all RMC students receive the same quality of training and delivery, and the same training experience—no matter where they may be located. View our International Provider Network.
  • Multiple Ways to Learn – In addition to traditional instructor-led training, RMC offers a variety of learning modes to meet both individual and corporate training needs. From live online classes and self-directed e-learning courses to books, software and templates, RMC offers students the opportunity to learn in multiple formats and at multiple price points.
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About Rita Mulcahy
Founder of RMC

Combining her knowledge of accelerated learning with extensive project management expertise, Rita Mulcahy founded RMC in 1991. By 1999 she had published the worldwide best-selling project management book PMP® Exam Prep, and was leading one of the most well-known training organizations in the country. By 2004, her company was being recognized nationally as one of the fastest-growing private companies in the nation.

Although Rita passed away in 2010, RMC continues her mission today with a growing line of project management, business analysis and agile-related courses and products. These resources continue to promote her vision of improving the world through effective and accelerated skills training, and are a tribute to the legacy she left the training and professional development industry.

Today, Rita's products, classes and e-Learning courses are used as professional development tools by hundreds of thousands of individuals across the globe, and in hundreds of classroom-based corporations at universities, training companies, and corporations around the world. Rita will forever be remembered as an original founder of the project management training industry.

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