RMC Launches Fellow's Certificate™ Program for Project Managers, Business Analysts and Agile Practitioners

New Certification Recognizes Excellence in Multiple Disciplines, Bridges Skill Gaps for Organizations

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Minnetonka, Minnesota (April 22, 2014)

RMC Project Management, one of the fastest-growing professional development companies in the world, has recently announced the release of the RMC Fellow's Certificate™ Program—a proprietary certification providing organizations, project and business leaders with a cross-disciplinary understanding of Project Management, Business Analysis and Agile practices.

"In today's evolving marketing place, successful organizations need project professionals who are able to fill various roles on teams and use multiple skills to improve project performance," says Timothy Mulcahy, President and CEO of RMC.

According to Mulcahy, projects today often require a team that is familiar not just with traditional project management or business analysis or agile, but some combination of the three. Practitioners originally trained in only one of these individual disciplines are now required to have knowledge—in some cases extensive knowledge—of the other areas. The RMC Fellow's Certificate™ brings together the best of project management, business analysis and agile training across a variety of learning methods, acting as an all-in-one certificate that challenges professionals looking for cross-disciplinary skills.

"Students entering this program will develop practical knowledge immediately applicable to their on-the-job performance," noted Mulcahy, who also points out that the certification can be earned at each student's own pace, based on the their schedule and professional development needs. Participants can begin instruction the day they register for the program, and will have more than 40 instructor-led virtual, classroom-based and e-Learning courses to choose from each month to complete the program.

Organizations, project managers, business analysts or agile practitioners looking to learn more about this new certification are encouraged to contact RMC directly at 952-846-4484, or visit the RMC website for more information.

About RMC Project Management

Founded by Rita Mulcahy in 1991, RMC is the worldwide innovator in project management, business analysis and agile training and professional development. Over the last 22 years, hundreds of thousands of students in over 60 regions across the globe have utilized one of RMC's proprietary professional development resources, classes, or e-Learning courses to expand their knowledge and further their careers. Today, RMC offers a wide range of innovative project management, business analysis and agile classes and products to help beginners, advanced practitioners, and experienced professionals improve their skills and knowledge as well as prepare for certification.

RMC Public Relations Contact:

Ken Mulcahy
(952) 846-4484 x410

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